Royal Marines Association - Riders Branch’s all about the ride outs!

The role of the Royal Marines Association Riders Branch (RMA-Riders) is to maintain and promote esprit de corps and comradeship amongst all Royal Marines Motorcyclists and their families, past and present. The RMA-Riders is a virtual Branches and covers all of the country and overseas to raise funds for Royal Marines Charities and keep members in touch with one another, it is an integral part of the “Corps Family”.
The aim of the RMA-Riders is to enjoy motorbikes with mates and to support the RMA and to encourage younger members of the Corps and retired Corps veterans to join us and ride together. As informally as possible after all it’s all about the ride outs!

100th Anniversary of the Zebrugga WW1 Raids
Our Colours
Ride to the Wall (RTTW)
Spean Bridge
Memorial ride 2017
Our Presence at the Manchester Bike Show
London Sea of Green
In support of "Free Marine 'A'"
100th Anniversary of the Zebrugga WW1 Raids
CTCRM Main Parade
RMA and Families weekend at CTCRM Lympstone