RMA Riders events for 2023

Anyone who wants to partake in any of the events needs to be a member of the RMA RIDERS BRANCH, first join the RMA it’s free then join the Riders branch £5 a year, give our secretary a shout if you want to get involved. Details in How to Join

This page was created as a social media page by the Riders Branch. There is a members only FB page with in depth detail about events.

The branch is relaxed and run very informally, the only rule is “there are no rules”. Ride anything wear what you want, like badges happy days, don’t like badges or cuts no one cares, we have a few guidelines on what not to wear,

We are an inclusive branch and spouse’s and partners are welcome.

  1. Committee AGM 18 February Taunton
  2. Zeebrugge weekend 13 to 16 April. Staying in Dover, Ypres, Zebrugge. Dovetailing in with City of London RMA
  3. Peak District ride out 18 to 21 May. Staying at Pennymoor near Cheedle in Staffordshire, free camping, Glamping tents available. Clubhouse, scran laid on, a few great socials and ride outs in the Peak District
  4. Normandy 4 to 8 June. Major RMA function, support from 47 Cdo, free camping, central feeding. Various trips, rides and events, 47 Cdo association in attendance
  5. Arbroath run 29 June to 2 July, various RVs to eventually end up in Arbers for 2 nights, great socials and big ride out, free accommodation in RM Condor
  6. Dartmoor yomp 14 to 16 July. Support to RMA as marshals on bikes, Dartmoor ride outs, free camping on Bickliegh barracks, 2 nights of socials hosted by Sgts Mess
  7. Riders Annual Bash 4 (RAB 4) 24 to 28 August , North Devon, free camping, bring campers or caravans if you want, central feeding shower and facilities, ride outs and party 
  8. Corps Family Weekend at CTCRM 15 to 17 September, free camping top field, lots of entertainment on Saturday, Sunday RMA parade and we ride our machines across the parade ground in our own rig, we don’t do blazers
  9. Run to Gibraltar 20 Sept 4 October,  ride through France stayin at members house, combination of hotels and camping, once in Pyrenees a group will explore the Pyrenees and Pecos, another group will run to Gibraltar, both groups doing thier own thing
  10. Ride to the Wall weekend 6 to 8 October , back to pennymoor, camping, Glamping Social and attend RTTW at the NMA