The Riders Branch have been visiting Zeebrugge, Belgium for the last few years. Alongside the City Of London Branch, we visit to pay our respects to all those that took part in the famous action in 1918. Also, from the Riders Branch point of view, it’s a hoofing run ashore and the first trip on foreign soil each year.


We usually form up in Dover on the Thursday night for a few wets. Friday morning we visit the graves of those laid to rest in Dover. Local dignitaries, schools and members of the public are usually in attendance.


Dover Cemetery RV


A short ferry crossing and we land in France. This year, we are visiting the grave of a Bootneck killed in the Dieppe raid and his body was washed up in Calais (RIP) He’s laid to rest in a small village  7 miles West of Dover. 

From there, we’ll go to Ypres for the Menin gate ceremony and a run ashore. Belgian beer remember!!





Saturday we travel to Zeebrugge to RV with City Of London branch. 



After a short ceremony there, we head ashore….again. We’ve found a local bar that does superb Rum, and it normally gets messy! 



Sunday is Thin out from Zeebrugge. Some guys stay over the channel for further rides, some stay in Dover on the Sunday night before heading up/down the line. Basically It’s your Holiday, do what you want!!

If this all sounds like nothing but formal ceremonies in Graveyards, believe me, it’s far from that. No Blazers, No slacks, No shirt & Tie. We wear bike rig and CGB, that’s it. If you’ve never ridden abroad, you don’t know what you’re missing….awesome roads. 

This is a short trip by RMARB standards….for those seeking longer runs, we have plenty planned for the summer. Join the Branch….What’s the worst that could happen??